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Here at Smarter Air we have over 11 years experience providing of personal aircrafts, turbo-prop and helicopters for the most distinguished customers.

Our wide-ranging industry experience has allowed us to participate and in some little way even to shape the aircraft industry and the way it draws its clientele and passengers.

Although for a long time we have worked with a large variety of celebrity clients and sporting stars, nowadays our clients also include business leaders, CEOs and sports fanatics attending both national and international events. We also regularly facilitate flight surveys for financiers and stakeholders as well as journalists writing their next story. That being said a large number of our clients are also families looking to take holidays from skiing to the beach.

When you fly a private jet you get so many more options in terms of choosing your airport and more importantly you have complete control over what happens and the itinerary. If you are really looking for the definitive protection and luxury experience we offer specialist close protection provision with an acute team of former Special Forces personal to ensure your safety.

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If your thinking this must be expensive you will be surprised at the real affordability of flying due to emergency technological advances and the large variety of proprietors hiring their planes rather that leaving them unused on the runway.

Our unique selling point and main focus of out strategy is to re-ignite the joy and exhilaration of aviation that has in a variety of ways unfortunately has been absent from the industry

Because of the success of the commercial aviation industry and the fact that so many people are flying so frequently more than ever. Industry statistics demonstrate a huge increase in the amount of passengers being carried in the past 15 years. As a result of this customers have to queue for extremely long periods of time as the way the airports are run makes them unable to keep up with the demand. This results in faster aeroplane turnarounds with small amount of time for any technical problems, which results in longer delays and burdensome security measures. Creating an overall humiliating sense of frustration and the tiresome longing for something better.

Private Jet Charter London to Lisbon


Put those problems out of your mind with our service we take things to another level way above what can be offered. With our service you will have over 10 times the amount of different airports and terminals to pick from. We regularly use a diverse range of completely separate terminal to provide convenience for you arrival and departure. This provides our passengers with privacy and peace of mind reducing anxiety and putting you in a state of tranquility before your next journey. The usual worries of baggage and passport bureaucracies are all taken care of by us with your bags being placed on the plane from transport on the ground.

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Depending on the airport you choose we can even provide transportation allowing you to board the jet in accessibility straight away. And of course with all our charters the schedule is utterly up to you. You will not be confined by the traditional operational and technical concerns you are completely free to create a schedule that is tailored to your needs and desires. As a customer of ours we provide you help at every stage, taking you step by step through the process and providing you with everything you need. Our staff and dedicated team will be there with you to offer advice and help at every phase of your journey anywhere in the whole world you may choose to travel.

There is an acute craft to selecting the right tool for the job, or aeroplane for your journey using our extensive deep domain expertise we will guide you through the process of picking which will be right for you and offer a tailored solution. We provide comprehensive reasoning and recommendations to you keeping your security and safety top of mind at all times. We are sure you will find the right choice with our global network of options to choose from.

A fantastic specimen is the Embraer Legacy, which provides seating for over 10 passengers. This is an affordable option for a range of clientele. Many people are joining together in groups to fill it up. In terms of when you should plan and book your journey, thinking in advance may not be the option for this style of flying. A large number of passengers and customers do leave it to the last minute.

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Because of the less available amount of planes and the fact the pilot may have to make a long journey to meet you this increases the expense. The nature of chartering a private turbo propjet can be achieved in comparison to some major commercial airlines. You can even pick the gender of your pilot and age of your aircraft. Some of our clientele also like travelling with pets and in some cases like to smoke on board. Health concerns are also taken into account as the pilot can fly at varying altitude as not to affect these conditions. Sometimes small aircrafts get booked up very quickly so we simply change the costs accordingly.

The words most popular option is the Citation XL this provides great economic advantages, room and travel range making it sought after by groups of all sizes. Other varieties include Bombardiers and Gulf streams. If you are wondering where you should go on your next journey we do have a few recommendations for a variety of places throughout the united Kingdom, United States and Europe. Using private jet charter London to Lisbon can save you hours in time that you would have used up in terms of opportunity cost when flying commercial. Specialist luxury destinations and ski resorts are popular choices with our customers. The image of the industry conjures up CEOs & business leaders as well as billionaires and excess in terms of lifestyle so it is good to take into account global issues and the effect flying and hiring a jet has on the environment. Whilst providing helicopters to a number of high profile clientele who choose to travel with us.

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We always treat them as very important people but some groups and clients need an extra dimension of security added to their trip due to their high status within society or public persona. We regularly cater to sensitive commercial and diplomatic clients in governmental roles. To have been frequently selected to transport some of the most distinguished people we are fortunate enough have them as lifetime customers. These range from actors, singers, and movie stars to global sporting greats and commercial business leaders. This is due to us providing outstanding service.

In these times of constant media, privacy and discretion are highly sought after values however in some cases this becomes a basic requirement as commercial safety and personal well-being can become compromised. As a result of recognizing this we invited a global leader in the protection industry for planning and personal close protection of our clients. These are a highly proficient group of special forces personnel who excel in the role of the twin essential requirements of discussion and attention to detail in planning in this very specialist capacity. Through the symbiosis of our two companies merging we can now offer a comprehensive travel package that includes strategic planning, fast air transportation, personal protection for individuals, families or groups as well as translators and a variety of other perks.

Fly on a Secluded jumbo London to Lisbon

If you are looking to fly to some of the most famous hunting estates in Europe for a luxury trip we offer a completely bespoke experience which has been noted as one of the best on the market. Join our group of VIPs via turbojet to an exclusive location. We have been flying VIP customers from the UK and USA for over 10 years. You can depart from London, Birmingham, Biggin Hill or Norton at a convenient time for you. All transport and accommodation is included and can be always be tailored to your specific needs. You can pick from a much larger choice of airports dependent on operative attentions. So fly today from UK airports but remember were not travel agents.

In terms of business aviation some do bring supplies when natural and medical disasters occur. For example after an earthquake many aeronautics rescue thousands of people and provide a range of supplies and medicine to those in need in remote places and on islands. The business sector of aviation makes over 1000 flights a year for humanitarian purposes.

One hesitation for many potential people taking a flying on a plane is the effect to the environment in terms of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gasses and Global warming of the planet. To limit the amount of damage being doing to the natural environment, from the fumes emitted from flights. Mass travel & tourism can be very helpful to local economies that rely on tourists for the majority of their economic growth. So people planning holidays are very much invited to visit these places. Contracted personal jets are one way people reach these remote places such as Ibiza and are not just reserved for wealthy or rich people.

What is the price of Personal helicopter letting?

You also have to take into account when running a aviation company in the UK the costs of fuel and landing fees not to mention catering and the other minutia requested by the passenger.

When it comes to strategies to deter air travel, the World Travel and Tourism Council are actually a market leader in employing people over the world ten percent of all of the jobs are created by them. USA personal industry contributes a lot of revenue to the overall economy and help provide hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The access aviation provides to everyone drives economic growth in remote locations and places that would have otherwise been forgotten. Business aircrafts a large percentage of them are flown into little population areas and help fuel the economy.

Backpackers are stereotyped as obviously not being able to spend much money and are seen as budget travellers. That being said wealthy individuals even on a small scale using airliners to transport them and travel throughout the world.

To continue the discussion about global warming there have been many attempts been made by aviation companies and consultants to tackle the problem and provide sustainable solution. These come in the form of carbon offset programs and using sustainable fuel sources like in aerospace travel.

One example of a plane broker in the United Kingdom is Victor. They introduced a carbon offset program for every one of their fleet of aircrafts to choose from. A lot of companies seem to be following suit partnering up with charities and organisations that plant trees and help sustain the rain forest and natural environments all over the globe.

Individual aircraft leasing Cost per hour

When flying planes privately and chartering to a variety of destinations commercial airliners emit tones of carbon dioxide and harmful gasses that pollute the environment every hour of flight time.

Here are some examples of some of the aircrafts available to rent:

  • Cessna Citation XLS
  • Boeing Business
  • Citation Mustang
  • Airbus 319
  • AS350 Single Squirrel
  • Gulfstream G200
  • Long Range
  • Global Express XRS
  • VIP Airliners
  • Embraer Lineage 1000
  • Global 5000
  • Hawker 4000
  • Citation Sovereign
  • Light Jet
  • Lear 35
  • Helicopters
  • Eurocopter EC 135
  • Turbo Props
  • Beech King Air 350

Immigration and international visitors to England spent a lot of money and provide stability. Many celebrities choose to hire a plane in private because of issues surrounding security.  Fliers are sometimes in precarious situations due to their status and net worth; this means having close privacy and protection is paramount to their comfort and overall travel experience.

There is also convenient airport selection in the process of travel as apposed to booking a normal ticket for a holiday abroad. This allows travellers to not sit on the runway for hours of be inefficient in terms of wasting fuel waiting to take off.

When looking at the newspapers you see a lot of negative press about aviation and carbon emissions in particular. It is hard when choosing a mode of transport practically to be constantly conscious on the wider effect this is having on the world at large.

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Individual charter flights to London for example or Paris are very, very popular. Other popular routes are Paris to Nice, Bratislava to Prague and internal flights from places like Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow are also sometimes top of the list. Las Vegas is obviously a popular private flight for gamblers and partygoers. So whether it’s the Eiffel Tower or drinking in Frankfurt an airplane can take you there in no time. Or you could go to Dubai or France or Spain.

All we see in the news recently is the coronavirus pandemic and how this is affecting millions of people globally. This has meant good news for the air travel industry especially in the personal sector. Bookings are up as people trying to flee the pandemic or get back home to friends and family for self-isolation.

Lots of airlines and airports are closing down and travel restrictions are being put in place by a variety of government organisations around the world to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The state department in the USA has put out a travel warning to the public and many other countries have followed suit. Many companies have suspended flights to passengers. In order to avoid crowds of people some richer flyers are using their money to rent their own. Lots of people have had their holidays cancelled and are requesting the hire of a mid sized transport craft for them and their family to travel in. This has the added advantage of not having to share crowded commercial cabins. New York has one of the busiest airports and is now on lockdown. Rival companies are having to take on more staff and cabin crew to cope with demand others are doing the opposite and laying off staff and are asking is it cheaper to exclusive airliner lease London to Lisbon .