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Smarter Air Charter Ltd. is a global aviation broking and consultancy business with over ten years’ experience in the provision of jet, turbo-prop and helicopter charter for the most discerning clients.

A direct benefit of our extensive industry experience is the way in which we’ve been able to engage with, and perhaps in some small way even to shape, the private aircraft market and the way it attracts its passengers.

It’s no longer the case that private aircraft are the exclusive preserve of the wealthy and privileged. It’s now much more widely seen in the light of its demonstrable time and cost-saving benefits. Charter a private jet.

Whilst for many years we’ve catered regularly for an enviable assembly of Hollywood aristocracy and sporting greats, these days our client base also includes business groups attending Trade Fairs, sports fans attending not just international but domestic away fixtures, commercial on and off-shore survey flights for investors, journalists and stake-holders – even simple family holidays to the sun/slopes. Geneva to Nice plane hire.

There are so many more options flying privately – more aircraft and airport choice and of course, the itinerary is your own.

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1684 593605 and we’ll help you with any advice you might need.

For those who really do seek the ultimate in luxury and security, our company has become something of a specialist in the provision of close protection support using highly trained, former UK Special Forces personnel.

We make no apology for one of the central tenets of our business strategy which is to try to recreate the excitement and enjoyment in flying that have in many ways been lost.

Some of this is due perhaps to the industry’s own success, in that many, many more people fly regularly than used to be the case. For example, World Bank statistics show an increase in the number of passengers carried for the UK alone between the years 2000 and 2013 of 63% to 115 million. This leads to longer queues as infrastructure at some airports has failed to keep pace; quicker aircraft turnarounds with very little leeway for any kind of schedule/technical hitch – often leading to delays, cumbersome security procedures which some passengers find humiliating and the overall sense of endurance – a tiresome and frustrating experience.


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It doesn’t have to be like that.

For one thing, we have roughly ten times as many airports to choose from than scheduled carriers so convenience is assured for both departure and arrival. Very often we’ll be using an entirely different terminal to that of the scheduled airlines which provides our passengers with privacy in a comfortable, tranquil setting designed to put you at ease before your flight. Your passport formalities will already have been taken care of and your bags will be transferred from ground transport to the aircraft. Sometimes, depending on the airport, we can even drive you straight to the waiting jet to board. The schedule of course, is your own, so providing it’s within the boundaries of operational and technical remit, you’re free to design an itinerary that works best for you. We’re here to assist you at every step of the way and we have staff members or designated agents onsite and able to give advice or lend a helping hand at every stage, anywhere in the world.

There’s also the skill of using the right aircraft for the task: we’ll help you through the process of choosing your preferred type and give the reasons for our recommendations based on safety and security – always our first concerns – value and suitability for the requirement. We have a global network to choose from!

Call us anytime for a chat on +44 (0) 1684 593605.

One of the areas we’ve really excelled in over the last ten years has been the provision of private aircraft and helicopters to very high profile clients, often flying with their families or close colleagues.

All our clients are treated as VIPs but some individuals or groups of individuals require a level of security and privacy dictated by their public profile status or sensitive commercial or governmental/diplomatic roles. At Smarter Air Charter we’ve been fortunate enough to have been repeatedly chosen to fly the most distinguished clients – ranging from Hollywood aristocracy (almost certainly the ones you’re thinking of right now!), to global sporting stars and commercial legends. This can only be because we get things right. Kiev to Donetsk

As a reflection and by-product of our modern world, privacy and discretion are highly-prized values but in some cases these commodities become basic requirements as commercial enterprises or even personal safety can become compromised. In recognition of this, we brought in a world-leading provider of specialist security planning and close personal protection – SRS Global Ltd – who are a highly professional team of former Special Forces personnel who bring vast experience and excel in marrying the twin requirements of attention to detail and discretion that are vital to success in these very specialised areas of expertise. Between our two companies we can provide a complete door-to-door travel package for clients who feel this service might be of benefit to them, including all areas of strategic planning, air and ground transport, translators and personal protection for individuals, groups or families.

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